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CoalesCo will work closely with your executive staff, department managers/ directors and materials management to assess the system's current Supply Chain. This includes a system-wide assessment of your current supply chain environment. CoalesCo will provide an in-depth look into each facet of your current activities, along with contractual policies, procedures and habits. All major contracts and agreements will be analyzed...     read more

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Service Line Profitability Improvement: There are a small number of service lines in which device costs are the primary driver of service line profitability. Said another way, device costs are the principle determinate of whether or not a Provider has a positive or negative margin on these procedures. Foremost amongst these service lines are orthopedics, spine and cardiology. Device costs...     read more

Assessment of Current Health System Contracting Model

IT'S SIMPLE: The cost of healthcare supplies continue to rise while reimbursements and revenues are declining. Typically, the construct which you currently employ has been in place for many years. The vendor community understands its strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In order to harness your unrealized power, a redesign and new construct is required. Merely doing what you have been doing for...     read more