CoalesCo Frequently Asked Questions

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CoalesCo health system consulting

Is CoalesCos approach suited for all health systems?

No, our unique approach is not suited for systems that are satisfied with "status quo". Our program demands executive level commitment and a vision for success. It requires a system that recognizes the current contracting environment will not deliver the needed savings and is willing and able to undergo fundamental change in their supply chain.

How can we derive substantial benefits over a large, national GPO?

Through CoalesCo's insight into manufacturers and expertise in contract development, we have consistently delivered substantial benefits to our clients. We are able to design/harness the power of regional commitment into savings not realized in standard GPO and hospital-based materials management contracting. CoalesCo understands and can uncover the hidden benefits in the traditional supply chain.

Am I putting my health system at risk by not complying with GPO agreements?

This is a question frequently asked by our prospective clients. Quite the contrary, we have proven that large, committed health systems can realize huge savings outside of their GPO agreements through our programs and services We do not require nor recommend a health system to leave their GPO relationship, only that they commit to putting their health system first in all decisions. The current regulatory environment empowers your health system to pursue your best interest, whatever that may be, without recourse.

Can we develop this program with our current materials management staff?

This has been tried by some health systems with limited success. Unfortunately, few materials management staffs have the time, national contracting expertise or insight into the manufacturer/distributor community. Our services are designed to be an adjunct to your current materials program. CoalesCo provides the oversight and expertise that allows a system to develop, maintain and improve upon their own contract portfolio.

What is CoalesCos approach and philosophy in implementing the program?

CoalesCo works very closely with the health system's executive team, clinical and materials staff. We advise our clients on the organizational structure and processes necessary for a successful supply chain program. Our service is not a "cookie cutter" approach.

We customize our services to best meet the needs of our clients. CoalesCo's goal is to deliver significant, quantifiable savings while transferring the knowledge and expertise for the client's long-term success. It is our goal to build this process within your system(s), assist in the development of your contract portfolio, deliver significant savings to your bottom line.

How is CoalesCo compensated for its services?

CoalesCo is paid directly from the health system / regional alliance client. Because of our adherence to vendor neutrality, we do not accept any payment from the vendor community. Unlike some firms and most GPOs, CoalesCo is committed to an unbiased approach in our contracting methods. We have found that this level of neutrality provides the most value to our clients. Our specific compensation structure is predicated on the goals and objectives of each Health System or Regional Alliance clientele.

Why CoalesCo?

The construct which you currently employ has been in place for many years. The vendor community understands its strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In order to harness your unrealized power, a redesign and new construct is required. Merely doing what you have been doing for some time will simply deliver the same results.

CoalesCo has the background, experience and proven results in delivering a new innovative supply chain process not found in your typical Materials Management consulting firm.

CoalesCo will serve as change agents to assist in the redesign, internally and externally, of your health system's supply chain.

CoalesCo provides a customized approach to best meet the needs of their clients and has a proven track record with health systems throughout the United States. CoalesCo doesn't make promises…CoalesCo delivers results.

CoalesCo was the first Supply Chain Management firm specializing in Regional Puchasing Alliance Development / Health System Self-Contracting with over 16 years of experience!

CoalesCo is well known and respected in the manufacturer/vendor community.

CoalesCo understands the dynamics surrounding GPOs, Manufacturers and Providers as a result of having first hand employment experience in all these modalities of the supply chain.

CoalesCo has experience in working closely with their clients' Physicians/Clinicians. This component is critical to the success of the redesigned supply chain, and cannot be accomplished from a remote location or through merely accessing 3rd party contracts.

Our references will confirm that we have actually delivered in excess of their expectations. Our proposition is not merely theoretical, as our current cooperatives are cashing the checks that prove our success.