Assessment of Current Health System Contracting Model

IT'S SIMPLE: The cost of healthcare supplies continue to rise while reimbursements and revenues are declining.

Typically, the construct which you currently employ has been in place for many years. The vendor community understands its strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In order to harness your unrealized power, a redesign and new construct is required. Merely doing what you have been doing for some time will simply deliver the same results.

CoalesCo can provide a Health System or Regional Alliance with an overview/assessment of its current supply contracting model. Many hospitals still rely on 3rd party contracting models that migh limit net supply cost reductions and revenues. Additionally, CoaelesCo professionals can assist in a Supply Chain / Contracting redesign that will allow a Health System / Regional Alliance to develop an internal strategy that will allow for Clinical / Operational integration amongst the system stakeholders resulting in improved contract decisions and lower costs.

CoalesCo has the background, experience and proven results in delivering a new innovative supply chain process not found in your typical Materials Management consulting firm.

CoalesCo will serve as change agents to assist in the redesign, internally and externally, of your health system's supply chain.

CoalesCo provides a customized approach to best meet the needs of their clients and has a proven track record with health systems throughout the United States. CoalesCo doesn't make promises…CoalesCo delivers results.

CoalesCo was the first Supply Chain Management firm specializing in Regional Puchasing Alliance Development / Health System Self-Contracting with over 16 years of experience!