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Service Line Profitability Improvement:

There are a small number of service lines in which device costs are the primary driver of service line profitability. Said another way, device costs are the principle determinate of whether or not a Provider has a positive or negative margin on these procedures. Foremost amongst these service lines are orthopedics, spine and cardiology.

Device costs within these service lines are defined not only by cost of acquisition but by utilization as well. In fact, many would argue that utilization can be as large or larger an impact on service line profitability as are the acquisition costs. CoalesCo has proven, and delivered over 15 years, unique approaches to address these challenging device categories to ensure service line profitability, addressing total costs within the reimbursement realities of these different service lines.

CoalesCo offers a Service Line specific engagement model that allows a Provider to utilize our proven expertise to deliver sustainable results and service line profitability on a contingency basis. Therefore, your management fee structure is guaranteed by your results. Contact CoalesCo, Inc. if you would like to explore further.