GPO Devleopment / Management Services

CoalesCo will work closely with your executive staff, department managers/ directors and materials management to assess the system's current Supply Chain. This includes a system-wide assessment of your current supply chain environment. CoalesCo will provide an in-depth look into each facet of your current activities, along with contractual policies, procedures and habits. All major contracts and agreements will be analyzed to allow for a quick overview of the market conditions and potential return attributable to the creation of your "New Supply Chain Strategy". CoalesCo will submit recommendations of that new structure, and develop the communication plan for your executive and management teams. A complete, concise implementation plan will provide a blueprint for your organization's future success during CoalesCo's engagement and beyond.

Our seasoned executives will head up a unique Organization Education and Design Plan with your key staff and department directors, based on our experience and expertise, and your direction. Our team will develop the proper committee structure with appropriate staff to facilitate all Supply Chain/Contract decisions. Along with this, we will provide up-to-date executive training to expand your current leadership's knowledge on today's supply chain environment.

CoalesCo has successfully developed and implemented the next generation of healthcare supply chain strategies. Our customized approach allows large health systems to realize substantial savings in their supply expense while being sensitive to the needs of physicians and clinicians.

CoalesCo, based on our findings of our initial assessment, will analyze the system's contractual status to gain a greater insight on each of your facility's needs. With this information in hand, we will assist you in prioritizing specific supply contracts which will yield the greatest and quickest return on your investment. CoalesCo will work with the your redesigned committee structure to begin product standardization through it's committed contracting process. CoalesCo has a proven track record of delivering savings through contracting and standardization initiatives that have heretofore been denied as plausible and deemed unattainable. Most are not possible in the current GPO dominated environment.